Is there better time when play online slots?

To be clear, if you look at the facts, the RTP of a slot game doesn’t change no matter what time of the day. So when you’re considering the best time to play slot machines in a virtual arcade, the answer is simple – anytime your heart desires.
 For those with a penchant for jackpot slot machines, it can be confusing as progressive slot machines can pay more the more players are playing at the same time – this usually happens at night.
However, the jackpot can happen randomly at any time of the day and there is nothing specific you can do to change it.
The random number generators (RNG) that decide the outcome of the game, of course, do not look at the calendar or the clock.
The most important thing for players to understand is RNG and how slot machines work in order to embark on profitable and fun gameplay. Online slot machines are operated by the RNG and there is no way to determine or influence the outcome of the game. To increase your profit, you can play slot machines with the highest RTP. However, this does not change the fact that you cannot predict the slot machine or determine the best time to win a slot machine.
Progressive slot machines tend to be more lucrative as such machines accumulate wagers until the jackpot is hit.
There are several slot theories that can be found in the gambling literature. However, almost all of them fail because slot machines are instant win games that are determined by random number generators (RNG) and have no player influence on the outcome.
Some gamblers swear by trying their luck at the slot machines on Sunday mornings and swear that is when they make the biggest wins. The logic behind it says that a lot of sales were made on Saturday and the slots are now waiting to pay out the big winnings. Other players claim that night times are particularly lucrative because only a few players are active at the respective slot. Some players say the exact opposite and insist on times when many players place their bets. Individual experiences seem to confirm one or the other opinion again and again.
The best time of the month to play slot machines is no different from the best time of the day/week to play slot machines: neither can be predicted, and they all depend on the RNG.
In addition, it all depends on how lucky you are and whether or not your favorite slot was cracked a few hours/days before. The longer the slot does not payout, the greater the chances of winning you are – not because you played it at a particular time of the day, but simply because the bets are piling up and ready to blow.
While the RNG is the ultimate answer to any slot win question, there are some sensible steps you can take that in theory will increase your chances of winning and therefore help you make a decision when playing slots.
Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to pay a visit to the slot machines in the online arcade of your choice:
Once there are no guaranteed winnings at any time, it is a good idea to set your budget before playing. This should consist of the maximum amount you are willing to lose on the slots. Although every player naturally has the hope of winning something and many players have also had the experience that good winnings are realistic, one should only allow for money in one’s individual gaming budget that one can lose without getting into trouble.
The more important part of this rule, however, is that you stick to your budget. In the worst-case scenario, it also means quitting the game if your budget is lost. Never try to win back losses with additional bets.
Since the random number generators do not care when you play and there is no objective best time, you can play with confidence at the time that suits you best. The fun and excitement are clearly in the foreground in the game and there is no reason to be overtired or to sit in front of the machines at any special time.
When it comes to progressive slot machines, the best time to play them is when the slot machine has not paid out in a long time and there is a large amount of money in the pot.

Dec 30, 2021
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